Fire detection and alarm systems

   A fire detection and alarm system includes specific detectors (ionization, temperature, flame, visible smoke or rise of temperature) and buttons, which allow both automatic and semi-automatic operation. The purpose of these systems is the rapid transmission of a reliable alarm signal that triggers the evacuation process of the building and informs the fire team to take action.

   Our company, with years of experience in fire protection, plans detection systems depending on the specific conditions of each installation.

It installs systems of all modern technologies such as:

  • Conventional fire alarm systems
  • Analogue addressable fire detection systems
  • Hazardous gas detection systems and Gas detection systems to prevent the formation of explosive atmospheres
  • Smoke detection systems with air sampling
  • Special detection systems


  Our policy is to deliver to the user unrestricted systems where the programming software is available to the user so that he can extend and modify the installation without being bound to an "exclusive" provider.

Systems can be interconnected to the telemetry system of our company for remote monitoring and quick troubleshooting.