Extinguishing Agents

   Fires require the selection and use of appropriate fire-fighting media and specialized handling, depending on the type of burning materials and the fire conditions. Our company provides the Greek market with extinguishing agents from internationally recognized brands. It is able to propose the most appropriate extinguishing agent in each application. Indicatively, our company provides:

• Dry powder (all categories)
• Carbon dioxide (CO2)
• Mechanical foam (all kinds and for all categories of equipment)
• Chemical foam (for use especially in shipping)
• Chemical additives for water (antifreeze, wetting , etc.)
• Ηydrofluorocarbon, HFC-227ea (Dupont ™-FM200 ™, Solvay ™-Solkaflam ™ 227), HFC-125, HFC-23, HFC-36
• New generation extinguishing agents with zero impact on global warming as fluorinated ketones (3M ™ NOVEC ™)
• Extinguishing agents consisting of mixtures of inert gases (IG-10, IG-01, IG-55, IG-100, IG-541)
• Extinguishing agents for edible oils (category F)
• New types of extinguishing agents (BONPET etc.)
• Special extinguishing agents