Inspection and service of fixed fire fighting systems

   The effectiveness of extinguishing systems depends directly on the level of service provided. Each extinguishing system usually consists of an extinguishing subsystem and a fire detection subsystem. The engineers of our company, with years of experience, are applying all relevant regulations in order to examine and check the functionality of firefighting systems as an operating entity.

Ch. Manolaros & Co inspects and maintains:

  • Gas firefighting systems (of any type)
  • Water based suppression systems (sprinkler systems, deluge systems, water mist systems, pump stations)
  • Foam Suppression Systems
  • Systems with extinguishing powder
  • Systems with special fire suppressants
  • Kitchen Suppression Systems

Inspections are carried out at buildings, vehicles, vessels etc.

Our company has permanent stock of spare parts for the instant recovery of your system.

Our company also provides the ability of remote control for your systems with telemetry systems.