PX-I Smoke Alarm Device

The PX-1 is a long-term smoke alarm, with a non-removable Lithium Battery, that has a life span of 12 years. This means that you no longer have to worry about annoying and expensive battery replacements. Therefore we actively contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Under normal conditions of use and maintenance, we grant a warranty of 12-years on the battery and the electronics. The PX-1 has a sensor- controlled safety mechanism, where an alarm is only triggered when there are significant signs of a fire. Our products achieve the highest false alarm protection.


Technical Specifications

  • CE EN 14604, ROHS, German TUV
  • Made in Germany
  • max. 12 years of battery life (lithium)
  • Bi-sensor processor technology (smoke + heat)
  • Certified magnetic carrier system with special adhesive gel pad
  • Maximum false alarm protection
  • Kitchen suitable
  • Insect Shield
  • Alarm signal > 85 dB
  • max. 60 m² detection range
  • Large and simple to use Test/Stop button (78 cm²)
  • No battery change neccessary
  • Processor technology / intelligent software analysis of sensor readings
  • Cyclical genuine self-test function
  • Help signal (e.g. low battery status or contamination) 


Our wide variety of colours ranges from gold and silver to our wooden edition as well as the Swarosvki Elements® smoke alarms.