PX-1C Radio-Linked Smoke Alarm Device

Our wireless products can easily be connected with each other and they react simultaneously when an alarm is triggered. What good is a smoke alarm that is installed in the basement or attic, if the alarm can not be heard in your bedroom!
The PX-1C is suitable for very large and multi-storied houses as well as for residential units. Our radio-linked smoke alarms are also equipped with lithium batteries that have a life span of 10 plus 2 years, which makes annoying battery replacements unnecessary.


Technical Specifications

In addition to the specifications of the PX-1: 

  • Radio interconnectable
  • Frequency: 868.3 MHz
  • Protocol: FSK (Frequency Shift Keying)
  • Maximum number of interconnected devices: 15
  • Max. 14 subgroups possible
  • Radio range: 400 m (±10%) in the open field
  • Repeater function